Street Pastors Swansea with new promotional videos. In 2013 the Street Pastors in Swansea approached us asking us to create a promotional video that will capture the work and ethos of Street Pastors and help them recruit more volunteers for the ever growing needs in Swansea. Our city has been granted a Purple Flag status, which is a great honour and reward for the hard work of many agencies and the Street Pastors as well. Their work had been commended on numerous occasions, by many officials, our city needs them. So, when we were commissioned in 2015 for a second time, we were ever so delighted and excited. The new video project was to be again, used as a recruitment tool but was to be quite different than the first one. This time we had to make three short films. The idea was to film three individual stories of Street Pastors, who come from various walks of life, various vocations and demographic groups. We wanted to show that whoever you are and whatever you do, you can be a Street Pastor.

Street Pastors

Swansea Street Pastors

For many people to be a Street Pastor you need to have special set of skills or some kind of “special calling”. But the reality is everyone can be a SP, you just need to care about people, care enough to be willing to go out on the streets and help. This series of videos show Jane, Ken and Claire, their day-time life and their night-time duties as SPs. It really is an eye opener to the marvelous work these people do, giving from their time and efforts to help, assist, and take care of people when they are most vulnerable and prone to behaviour and choices that can affect their lives in a bad way.

Jane Young

Swansea Street Pastor Jane YoungJane is a deputy head-teacher in a local primary school and she enjoys working with children and young people. She sees her work as a tremendous opportunity to influence, inspire, motivate the children to use their potential for the future, to help them make the most while in school. She helps the children learn how to prepare and deal with aspects of life in a mature way, instill values in them that will help them later on. As most people, when Jane heard about Street Pastors, she didn’t see herself as one who could do it. She thought it was something to do with street preaching, being a pastor, and that wasn’t her heart. But when she found out what SPs actual do and how practical and valuable is their work she realised she can definitely do it. Watch her video and find out more about her involvement with SPs.


Ken Lewis

Photograph of Street Pastors team in SwanseaKen is a retired surveyor and retired magistrate, who is currently actively serving in his local church, St. Paul Church in Sketty. Because of his professional background as a surveyor Ken is looking after the buildings and the fabric of the church. He is also an assistant warden and as such he needs to arrange and manage the church services, make sure everything is ready to administer the chalice in the communion service. Ken is also a member of the singing group, leading the congregation in worship on a Sunday is one of his favoured things. Ken heard about Street Pastors form a friend in church and decided to give it a go. He goes out on a Friday night, patrolling the streets and offering assistance and help to those who are in need. Ken finds that his age is not an issue or an impediment, on the contrary, his experience is that people trust him more and come to him to share their stories, to ask for prayer or simply chat. People call him “grand dad” and recognise maturity in him, which gives them more freedom to talk to him, who is senior in age and easier to trust. Ken’s message is that everyone can become a Street Pastor, whatever your age. Here is his full story:



Clare Wilkinson

Swansea Street Pastor Claire Wilkins talks to people on the streets.Claire is a consultant for the food industry working with various manufacturing sites and retailers (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, etc), developing products, researching the market, making recommendations for new, healthier products. Claire is primarily working from home, she is her own boss, which gives her flexibility and more time with her kids and family. She can do what she loves best, cook healthy food for her loved ones, help her boys with home work, take them to school, etc. Claire and her family are passionate about the community and would use every opportunity to serve and bless people. This is a big reason why Claire chose to join the Street Pastors in Swansea. Like many others initially she thought that being a SP is being out on the streets, late at night “with drunk people hanging on your shoulders and having to deal with difficult and abusive situations”, she thought “I could never do that”, but after she spent some time on the streets as an observer she realised she “cannot not do this”. She was surprised by the incredible response of the public and the positive impact and influence the SPs have on the streets. Watch her video bellow:

This project was such a joy to do. Not only because of the importance and impact it can have but also because of the wonderful people that we filmed in the process. It was pure delight to work with them. Special thanks to the Primary School (that can’t be mentioned here) for allowing us to film Jane in her working environment, to St. Paul Church in Sketty for being so kind to let us film during the Sunday Service.  Another thank you goes to Sainsbury’s, and the manger of the particular store who was ever so kind to let us in and film Claire. And lastly, a big thank you to the Street Pastors board committee for their trust and confidence in our work.

We hope that will like the short films as much as we enjoyed make them. Please, Like, and Share, and leave your comments, that will help us a lot in future projects. Thank you.

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