Portrait photography session with the young and quirky Avia. Avia is a regular model for iNNOVATION PHOTOGRAPHY, this is not the first time we’ve met. You might remember the first shoot we did with her back in 2012, when she was only 11 (you can see some of the images here). Lots have happened since and she looks very, very different today. We met in Plovdiv, earlier this year, and I knew what to expect from a shoot with her. portrait photography in Wales, Swansea, Cardiff, Carmarthen, Newport I was expecting a quick, fast motion session with lots of fun, creativity, emotions, urban setting, responsive posing and of course I was hoping for her witty and quirky character to come through and give me what I wanted for some great shots. I am very pleased to say that Avia did not disappoint. Not only did she do all of this but she also showed a new aspect of her personality captured in the second part of the shoot. She has grown up. Since I didn’t know well enough her city I had to rely on her for choosing the right scenery for the shoot. Avia took us to a place that was rather mesmerising and gave us a very good backdrop for the photos, reflecting the character and nature of this young and creative lady. The second part of the shoot took place in a different part of the city and I found it it to be very couture, very atmospheric and quite frankly reminded me of some of the small, narrow streets in Paris.

Here is what Avia had to say about herself and about the shoot.

portrait photography in Swansea, Wales“I always remember having some crazy and strange dreams as a child- skydiving, going around the world on a plane. I wanted to be a famous actress and singer. I had all these feelings that were driving me to experiment and venture into new things if possible every day. I am a girl that would express herself through music, drama, pictures, I can say I am a very artistic person. I love learning new and extraordinary things, that’s why I am today studying Chinese in school. I love spending time with my awesome friends, they are so cool and am not afraid to dream with them. But more than anything else I love being with my family, I feel so loved and accepted. Don’t get me wrong, I also get corrected but I know it’s worth it because they all love me. I won’t shy away, I’ll be honest, I love being photographed, which is why I love iNNOVATION PHOTOGRAPHY for always responding to my desire for yet another photo sessions. I love how iNNOVATION PHOTOGRAPHY portrays everything around me so different, in bright and rich colours. Creates a world in which everything is beautiful, all you need is eyes to see it.”

“This photo-shoot was another example for this. When we were discussing possible locations I knew straight away it had to be an arty place. I knew a place with lots of art work that I was sure the photographer would love. We went to the theatre, or I should say the back of the theatre where lots of young artist express their crazy ideas in the street art of Graffiti. There was all sorts of stores there, some exciting and pretty, other frankly scary. One of my favourite moments was when we stood in front of this terrifying graffiti trying to recreate a photo we’ve done with iNNOVATION PHOTOGRAPHY in the past. We call it “The Angry Girl” shot. Basically it is a shot that involves me showing how angry I can be. The photographer makes me shout and scream until all of my veins pop out, hahaha. I have to admit it wasn’t easy, especially when there are people passing by, possibly wondering what is wrong with this girl. After many attempts we finally got few good photos, what do you think?”

iNNOVATION-PHOTOGRAPHY-portrait-photography-Swansea-Avia-9030“I wanted so many pictures taken but we had a very short time-slot. I had to rush it and change outfits on the go, rather quickly, and run from one place to the other. I’m afraid, the photographer was left without a breath, hahaha. It was great fun. Another challenging moment was when I had to stay completely motionless for a long time so that we can create the “ghost-town” image. Basically that was photographing me (in the very city centre) among people who are moving but their movements are captured like if they are ghosts, blurred and with trails, etc. I don’t know how it works but I like the final effect. As I said I had to stay in the same position if possible without even blinking, while the photographer was taking several different pictures of the same scene but with different people moving around me. It was awkward and felt silly. People were staring at me probably thinking “what is she doing, standing like a statue”.

Thank you, Avia! We had only one hour but we did so much, we were a good team.

Avia said: “I had an hour filled with adrenalin and excitement, it was a challenge but I think we both did a good job at the end. I’ve never been happier to be photographed.”

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Portrait photography in Swansea by iNNOVATION PHOTOGRAPHY

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