Portrait Photography | Alex

Portrait Photography | Alex

Another portrait photography shoot with one of our favoured models, Alex. Alex is a piano student at the Yehudi Menuhin School in Surrey and she visits us in Swansea every half term. She is a good friend of the family and we always have great time together. We also never miss the opportunity to take her out on a photo-shoot and experiment.

This time around we wanted to try something different and let Alex chose the style of the shoot herself. We found this great location in the city centre that was guaranteed to suit our purposes. The first shoot Alex wanted it to be more of a fashion, retro/vintage style. It didn’t take her long to get into character and pose like pro. We think she did a great job. We could’ve stayed by that door and shoot all day, it was so pretty and so cool.

However, we moved into the nearby park for a different approach and a more traditional short portrait session. Alex was getting more and more exited so we had find more locations and really let her have fun. The fact that our assistant, Nikol, is also her best friend did help a lot. They had such fun and so much laughter that it made the whole experience even more pleasant. It really is the best feeling ever to see the people you photograph enjoy themselves and relax and just go for it and forget all about the camera. As the end of the day was approaching fast we were rapidly loosing light and had to be quick and make the best out of what we found as a location. Our last shot was an attempt for a double exposure portrait with lights from the traffic as a background; moody, dark and hopefully interesting.

We are very pleased with the outcome, hope you like it too. Feel free to ‘Like’, ‘Share’, ‘Comment’, ‘Pin’, etc.

iNNOVATION-PHOTOGRAPHY_portrait-photography-Alex-Collage 1
fashion and portrait photography in Swansea
iNNOVATION-PHOTOGRAPHY_portrait-photography-Alex-Collage 4

fashion and portrait photography in Swansea
fashion and portrait photography in Swansea
fashion and portrait photography in Swanseafashion and portrait photography in Swansea

At the end, Nikol also stood in front of the camera for few shots. And of course we finished with a nice cup of Costa…. and few more shots. The girls love “Pretty Little Liars”, so we did couple of shots in honour of the show, hahaha.

iNNOVATION-PHOTOGRAPHY_portrait-photography-Alex-Collage 16
iNNOVATION-PHOTOGRAPHY_portrait-photography-Alex-Collage 17
iNNOVATION-PHOTOGRAPHY_portrait-photography-Alex-Collage 18
iNNOVATION-PHOTOGRAPHY_portrait-photography-Alex-Collage 19

iNNOVATION-PHOTOGRAPHY_portrait-photography-Alex-Collage 12
iNNOVATION-PHOTOGRAPHY_portrait-photography-Alex-Collage 14

iNNOVATION-PHOTOGRAPHY_portrait-photography-Alex-Collage 13
iNNOVATION-PHOTOGRAPHY_portrait-photography-Alex-Collage 20


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