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Fashion Photography | “Molly”

Fashion Photography | “Molly”

Fashion photography is usually associated with models presenting the next line of trendy clothes for a new season. Well, I discovered that fashion photography can be about more than just this. We had the unique opportunity to work with a rising fashion icon from Bulgaria, the young and talented Molly.
Molly is an incredible artist, fashion for her is not merely a future career, a vocation that will give her a good life. Fashion for Molly is her heartbeat, an artistic expression that fleshes out her extraordinary and unique perceptions of life, beauty, swagger, fun,creativity, etc. This is what she said:I wanted to study fashion and become a designer ever since I was a little girl – I was always drawing and creating stuff. I even started my own “fashion company”, with my friend at school, when I was 9 years old. I’m applying now to several different colleges in the UK, because UK is def the best place to study fashion.

Molly is a very hardworking and diligent person, I have no doubts she will succeed in everything she puts her mind to. She is currently applying for several fashion schools in UK, The Fashion Institute at Falmouth University, University of Westminster, Southampton Solent University, and Birmingham City University.

As part of her application Molly had to put together a portfolio of her work. However, this is not the usual portfolio of drawings of her best ideas and projects, which by the way I saw and found them to be outstanding. She had to demonstrate her knowledge and understanding of various fashion trends. Her theme was “Street”, techniques, trends, combinations, etc. Molly had to dress up herself and her friend Stafania in the three variations of Street Fashion, i.e. Punk, Grunge, Hippie. We had the privilege of having a male model too, a famous model from Canada, Philip Isaacs. He is a very tall and very cool dude, great guy. We shot the best samples of her interpretation of street fashion and the photographs were sent to the schools as part of her application.

The shoot took place in the studio where Molly usually works, it was challenging but I think we did well considering. I found some very interesting and pretty things that kept me busy while waiting for the girls to change. Hope you like those extra shots too.

It was very entertaining to watch how a pile of not very promising pieces of clothing turned into actual fashion pieces. For a moment I felt I’m back in the 80s and 90s when those styles were most prominent. It was great fun to do the photo-shoot. The girls were so professional and very quick to respond the constantly changing situation, it was very dynamic. It seems the girls had fun too, Molly shared: I was so happy working with Diyan. My friend Stefani and I had so much fun, although we had to be very, very fast with changing, because I had to send my portfolio the same day. So the pressure was there but it gave me a pretty good idea of what it will be like to work on set – a lot of hard work and exitment. Thank God for you Diyan, I don’t know what I would have done without you!

We all wish you the very best, Molly, you are star, keep pressing, work hard, keep the faith and the success will come your way.

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    The ballet session is incredible! It reminds of Degas and his Little Ballerina’s paintings.

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