is a company that provides expressive, artistic photographic services which are tailored to each client, for those with a discerning taste for quality photography. We are based in Swansea, South Wales, UK but we cover locations all across the UK and Europe. At iNNOVATION PHOTOGRAPHY we believe that everyone can take pictures, capture the moment and enjoy the memory. We are not in the business of stealing from you those piNNOVATION PHOTOGRAPHY- photographer in Swansearecious moments of experimental creativity, we believe in working together. Our purpose is to assist you in discovering and innovating your image. We are constantly exploring and developing new and innovative photographic and design techniques that can give businesses and people a cutting edge visual presentation. We believe in creating dynamic, comfortable photography sessions that allow the client to relax and express their ideas, demands, intuitive thinking and demonstrate their unique personality. We value individuality and understand that each clients photographic style will be different.

The Photographer

iNNOVATION PHOTOGRAPHY- photographer in SwanseaWith over 16 years of experience in videography and photography, Diyan has developed a unique approach to visual representation. His creativity mixed with a good dose of passion is clearly demonstrated in his work. Diyan is always striving to achieve a level of perfection that turns his work into exquisite art. He has a special way with people that makes them feel relaxed and free to open up and express their personality. He sees every client as a top model who only needs a little bit of directing to help the camera capture the right mood and emotion.



The Photography

At iNNOVATION PHOTOGRAPHY we aim high. We want to give our costumers a superb product. And ‘product’ according to our definition is not simply a bunch of photos you give to people. Our product is the aesthetic satisfaction you will get, the emotional experience, the feelings triggered by simply looking at your photographs, and of course high quality images.